The Art of Conjuring Alternate Realities
Find out how the power to manipulate your thoughts is being harnessed, and how information warfare is shaping your life and world.
This book is invaluable for its insight into the inner workings of politics, political parties and what really makes for a winning election campaign.
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A stellar examination of how modern conjurers apply the art of perception management to shape reality that uses Indian epics and pop culture stories to convey complex information-warfare concepts like reflexive control, cybercriminal psychology, and how authoritarians exploit the information environment to solidify power. A breath of fresh air... relevant to a global audience of laypersons and experts alike.
Cody Gentry Barrow

Cody Gentry Barrow

Former Senior Intelligence Officer, The Pentagon

A beguiling and fascinating story of the worlds we have created... The authors show us why we should fear the power of the gods that rule these new worlds... Their ability to shape our reality is perhaps greater than any more earthly, geographical and physical power... Perhaps the most important battle of the century ahead will be the one for people’s minds, the victor the one best able to conjure a reality people want to believe in, real or not.
Group Captain Keith Dear

Group Captain Keith Dear

Former Advisor to the Prime Minister (UK)

‘How to Win an Indian Election by Shivam Shankar Singh is a gripping account of the underworld of politics. The first-hand knowledge and experience of the author make it a mine of insights into less use and more abuse of social media to influence public opinion and behaviour. It dissects the sinister processes behind the ugly phenomenon of fake news, manufactured enemies and hate discourse. A must-read’
S. Y. Quraishi

S. Y. Quraishi

17th Chief Election Commissioner of India

‘There has been much debate lately on whether arithmetic is key to winning elections or chemistry. We tend to miss out on a crucial third element: technology or electoral engineering. Shivam Shankar Singh is among the early practitioners of this craft, where nothing is barred, from booth management to mass media dirty tricks. This book is a brave insight, and an essential reading for those following elections in India’
Shekhar Gupta

Shekhar Gupta

Senior Journalist and Founder, ThePrint

‘This book by a young activist brings us face to face with the paradox of politics in contemporary India. Politics is the yugdharma of our times. But our political parties do not seem to be the right instruments to discharge this dharma. Through his personal experience and insights into electoral campaigns, Singh takes a young Indian through a tough but exciting journey. I hope this book will encourage young Indians to take up politics as vocation’
Yogendra Yadav

Yogendra Yadav

Activist, Politician and Psephologist

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